Rubin Postaer & Associates, an integrated advertising agency in Santa Monica, needed a competitive audit for their redesign of the California Department of Health’s website. The objective of the audit was to help the California Department of Health understand what tobacco manufacturers and other anti-tobacco programs were doing in the online space, and what “best practices” they could implement to improve the reach and effectiveness of their own site.

Through the analysis process, we discovered that anti-tobacco sites focused on advocacy, disseminating information and building communities among those trying to quit smoking and the people who support them. Sites such as, and heavily utilized new and social media, interactive tool kits and information libraries to spread that message about the physical, emotional, medical and personal costs of tobacco use. The analysis also looked at organizations with a cause, such as PETA, Care and Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution in order to bring to light the best practices used by these well-trafficked websites.

The results of the analysis was a clearly-defined scope of work for the new website.

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