GenOn Energy was created in 2010 through the merger of Mirant Energy and RRI Energy to become one of the largest competitive generators of wholesale electricity in the United States. With power generation facilities located in 12 states using coal, natural gas and oil to generate electricity, the organization had to find ways to integrate and streamline their operations across each region.

Working with Haig Barrett, Inc., a management consultancy, the goal of the Learning Management System Optimization Project was to allow Learners, Administrators, Managers and Executives from both organizations to easily understand, follow, maintain and enhance the Strategic Learning Framework established for the new GenOn.  This strategic optimization project was comprised of 5 major components, each of which sought to meet the organization’s objectives to foster better compliance in training programs, create operational efficiencies and enable associates to take charge of their professional development.

The 5 project components were:

  1. Integrate Training & Certification Programs –  to reduce redundancies and ensure regulatory compliance
  2. Optimize Reporting – to create transparency for power station administrators, managers and executives
  3. Train-the-Trainer – to enable power station administrators to utilize the learning management system and respond to Learner and Executive needs
  4. Create Administration Process Guide – to document training processes and enable more streamlined support
  5. Develop an Enhanced Training Portal – to provide a user-friendly, centralized portal for Learners to obtain training and Administrators to manage programs.

The result of this 9-month project was a more streamlined Learning Management System that GenOn’s LMS Team could autonomously administer.

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