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How do I get started? Why should I write requirements? What do specifications contain? And what are wikis, really?

These are questions that many of you have. On this page, you can find some answers that will help you get started. (And if you have specific questions, leave a message below, and we’ll add it!)

What should I do during each phase of a project?
Typically, website, application and systems integration projects are divided into five big phases.

During each phase, members of the project team will need to record what they want to do, how they want to do it, how to use their new product, and what should be remembered as their new product evolves and grows.

Requirements are written during the Discovery Phase, when everyone who has a stake in the project shares their requests and needs for the success of the product. In the Design Phase, these requirements are translated into Specifications, which outline the new features, functions, capabilities, tools, user experience, and look & feel of the new product. Once the product is built and tested (during the Production Phase), it is prepared for use during the Implementation / Launch Phase. That’s when the team will need User Guides, Training Manuals, Troubleshooting Tips, and Help documentation. And finally, once the new software product is in the hands of consumers, it will continue to grow and change. New information and updates can be easily managed during the Maintenance Phase by using Wikis.

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