Phase 1 of Toyota’s BR2010

Neha | April 30th, 2009 | Requirements | Comments Off

One of the largest project undertaken by Toyota Motor Sales’ University of Toyota division, the Business Renovation 2010 Initiative was as a multi-department, cross-functional endeavor to create the next generation, state-of-the-art Learning Management & Certification System to meet Toyota’s North American training objectives. The first phase of the 5 year project was developing comprehensive requirements, which outlined the new system’s features, functions, usability, course management and reporting needs. The requirements documented stakeholder requests in 20 categories. The requirements also outlined system integration requirements and formed the foundation for evaluating all off-the-shelf packages. The resulting new system will reduce the high cost of ownership, provide a more focused and user-friendly experience, reduce confusion, eliminate duplication of effort and provide single-sourced accurate information on a consistent basis while delivering learning to constituents across the organization in a timely manner.